Technical Production

Whether you envision a huge, high-impact corporate event or a celebratory soirée, our technical production expertise helps make it happen. A goal-inspired idea sets the tone for your amazing event. Venue, lighting, audio/video systems, and technical details help create the perfect atmosphere. Our technical production team is always there, behind the scenes, keeping everything running smoothly.

Expert Technical Production

Whatever your event size, style, or theme, our technical production teams can shape your idea into a successful outcome. As your project managers and problem solvers, we provide the strategies and skills to produce any event you can imagine.

Technical Planning

During the planning stages, event attendees influence every aspect of our technical planning. When you open the doors, they will interact with lighting, sound, and video presentations designed to engage them. They will enjoy the ambiance, but they won’t think twice about the technical magic that makes it happen.

That’s the goal. Our technical planning underlies everything, but we perform our most important tasks behind the scenes.

  • Project Management
  • Technical Expertise
  • Problem-Solving
  • Communication
  • Budgeting

Venue Research & Negotiation

We can help you find an ideal event venue based on your goals, attendees, planned activities, and budget. We do the research, and we assess locations to find the best fit for space, style, amenities, capabilities, costs, and availability. We resolve potential issues before you commit.

  • Visit and evaluate venues
  • Negotiate contracts and rental rates
  • Identify location issues: parking, traffic, etc.
  • Plan for any logistical challenges
  • Coordinate staffing expectations
  • Obtain permits and licenses

Labor Procurement & Management

At Media Direct Productions, we have some of the best technical production directors in the business. This gives us an edge in producing flawless events. Our leads procure expert audio engineers, lighting engineers, and technicians from our go-to network of local partners and vendors. We connect with local union brokers who streamline our working relationships with union properties. We become your production corps, working together to optimize venue space, implement technical specifications, and execute essential tasks.

  • Labor procurement
  • Schedule and task prioritization
  • Onsite training
  • Onsite staff management
  • Personnel and union issue resolution
  • Payroll management

Onsite A/V Production Execution

In planning audio/video execution, we assess our need for skilled technicians and technologies. Our extensive history of successful events gives us a solid foundation in sound, lighting, video, rigging, and other technical systems. We remain up-to-date on the latest software, hardware, technologies, and capabilities.

  • Meeting deadlines
  • Setting up and configuring equipment
  • Rehearsing and troubleshooting
  • Operating technical equipment during an event
  • Adapting to changes
  • Ensuring a quality audio/visual experience
  • Breaking down and packing up equipment

Our production managers work to ensure a positive and productive work environment. We maintain a smooth workflow, prioritize tasks, and adapt to unexpected situations. If technical issues arise during project execution, we identify and resolve them quickly and effectively.