Staging Solutions & Scenic Design

If your event is to be memorable, it demands a visually stunning backdrop and an immersive ambiance. Creative staging and scenic design set the tone for your unforgettable event. Our custom strategies follow your lead in setting a mood that attendees find inspirational and engaging. We can transform your classic event into a memorable experience.

We Design and Build

Our staging solutions and scenic designs are products of our in-house capabilities. As with every facet of event planning and production, our skills, experience, and creative thinking make the difference.

Stage Design & Construction

A stage can be a simple enhancement or it can help transform your venue into a themed-driven showplace. We design and construct stages that elevate and spotlight presenters and entertainers, and amplify their visibility. Adjoining areas become natural gathering spaces for event activities, dining, and attendee engagement.

Our team can design and build a stage that aligns with your overall vision. We work with skilled design and construction professionals to give you options for enhancing your event experience.

CAD Services

Computer-aided design software plays a significant role in venue staging, scenic design, and customization. It can generate 2-D and 3-D renderings, technical drawings, and other visual representations. CAD systems support accurate offsite planning, designing, and venue optimization. This is essential for ensuring that stages, lighting rigs, and other functional features fit the intended space.

Custom Lighting, Audio, & Video Design

Customized lighting, audio, and video can transform your event into a sensory experience. These features draw attention to your message by personalizing venue spaces to heighten attendee awareness.

As with each of our creative event strategies, experienced technicians perform every task. We identify your needs and design systems that coordinate with your display, staging, scenic, and venue specifications. We place each feature in a way that performs optimally within its surroundings.

  • Immersive Digital Experiences
  • Projection Screens
  • Multi-Screen Displays
  • Synchronized Videos & Lighting Effects
  • Brand Messaging
  • Custom Audio & Video Setups

Environmental Branding

When you plan an event to introduce your product or brand, we help you present a cohesive experience throughout your venue. Environmental branding is an interplay of displays and features that reinforce your key message. We highlight your identity, theme, and brand in ways that capture your attendees’ attention.

  • Product or Company Branding
  • Memorable Visual Identifiers
  • Themed Displays & Presentations
  • Branded Signage, Banners, & Backdrops
  • Consistent Messaging
  • Geofencing Interactions