Media Design & Experience

It’s not easy to produce an extraordinary event, but we pull it off every time. Our media design and experience team understands that your event must tell your story, drive emotion, and radiate excitement. Whatever your purpose or goal, we design custom features to present your message, seamlessly across multiple creative disciplines.

At Media Direct Productions, we believe every event should dazzle, inspire, and satisfy. When we collaborate with you to plan your event, we engage your attendees with custom displays, bold graphics, innovative videos, and inspirational presentations.

Consistently Creative Experiences

If we seem a little boastful about our media design and experience expertise, it’s because our amazing clients have spoiled us with countless praises. They love what we do and how we do it. We built our reputation by designing and producing memorable events. Post-event accolades become our constant reminder to produce consistently powerful presentations, videos, and other supporting assets. When it’s your event, we know you won’t want it any other way.

Video Production

Videos deliver a fusion of sound, action, and text that enhances your attendees’ experience. They’re essential when you need a high-impact strategy for showcasing your brand, conveying a message, or generating attendee engagement.

Our production team performs every task from pre-production to final edits. We use professional cameras, stage lighting, editing software, and other specialty equipment. Each video reflects our mastery of storytelling, camera operation, audio-video recording, editing, and color correction. When we collaborate to plan your next event, we can help you determine the ideal presentation points for maximum impact.

Graphic Design

Our design team produces memorable two-dimensional presentations. We create custom graphics focusing on your brand identity, products, and message. During our creation process, we consider typeface, color scheme, layout, and other details. We create attractive, dynamic displays that reflect your goals and generate maximum impact.

Presentation Creation

Our presentations can become an interactive touchpoint or a center of focus for your attendees. Whether using live, recorded, onsite, or remote presenters, we can help you share information, convey a message, highlight your brand, or meet other specific goals. By evaluating your anticipated audience, we tailor presentations that reach out and engage. Our creation process incorporates a variety of professional skills.

  • Audience Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Story Telling
  • Public Speaking

Signage Development & Print Production

We design, create, and produce signage and print items that shape attendees’ expectations. They simplify your desire to follow a consistent theme from invitation through post-event follow-up.

We create signs and printed items that are clear, concise, and visually appealing. As with all of our media design and experience services, our team follows professional standards and delivers high-quality outcomes.