Industries We Serve

Media Direct Productions is a creative corporate event production agency, and we specialize in planning events across a spectrum of industries. We work as collaborators, planning and producing recurrent and one-of-a-kind events and celebrations. As your event production partner, we assist you in creating the event you want. Our planning process begins with identifying your goals, understanding your attendees, immersing ourselves in your culture, and building a strong working relationship.

Our creative, production, and technical teams have specialized in planning and producing extraordinary corporate events for over 25 years. Our performance portfolio includes recurrent meetings, brand introductions, corporate celebrations, and exciting one-of-a-kind events. Our consistent dedication to client goals, attendee engagement, and production excellence has allowed us to form partnerships with clients in multiple industries. We are committed to bringing your vision to life.

Our Industry Partnerships

We specialize in corporate event planning for a wide range of industries.

Food & Beverage

We partner with food, beverage, spirits, and related industries, planning and producing corporate events from branding celebrations to wine tastings.

Animal Healthcare

We specialize in working with animal healthcare, diagnostic, and treatment companies to plan and execute events that educate and engage clients and customers.


Corporate event planning for the fashion industry helps fashion brands create unforgettable experiences at runway shows, trade shows, and other events.


We specialize in working with insurance companies to plan and host corporate events that raise awareness of their products and services.

Business Services

We provide corporate event planning services to a wide range of businesses, including law firms, financial institutions, and technology companies.

Legal Services

We partner with law firms to plan and host events that educate clients about legal issues, encourage goodwill, and promote the firm’s legal services.

Healthcare & Diagnostics

We collaborate with healthcare and diagnostics companies to plan, produce, and execute events that educate and promote their services.


We partner with pharmaceutical and related companies to plan and host events that educate healthcare professionals and administrators about their products.