Event Technology

When you plan a milestone event, you aim for exciting attendee reactions and passionate connections. Event technology can take this engagement to its highest level. Our tech team produces extraordinary digital presentations that interact with all attendees simultaneously or one-on-one. We can generate personal, digital experiences, before, during, and after an event. Our technological strategies compel your guests to stay involved from the moment they walk into your venue.

Technological Strategies

Technology has made e-interactions a daily expectation. People rely on digital devices for easy access to work, games, entertainment, education, and communication. They stream, Zoom, and FaceTime. They interact with screens throughout the day and maintain intimate connections with their smartphones. We harness this love of all things digital by positioning event technologies throughout your venue.

Virtual Meetings & Events

During a gathering, virtual meeting technology can present your content to guests, onsite and off. You can stream marketing info, inspirational speeches, informative messages, and entertaining videos. Real-time virtual access makes distance a nonissue for presenters and viewers, on the other side of town or across the country. Our technology teams perform the essential tasks to keep your event online.

  • Evaluate network infrastructure and connectivity
  • Tailor your system for recording, virtual networking, and other capabilities
  • Set up your preferred virtual platform: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, etc.
  • Monitor system performance during your event

Audience Response Systems

ARS lets your presenter interact directly with their audience. Attendees use handheld, wireless devices to generate real-time feedback to polls, questions, and quizzes. We set up your system to collect their input for analysis and evaluation.

When we manage an ARS at your venue, we provide the software, ensure a reliable internet connection, and provide wireless response devices. Some systems allow attendees to respond using their smartphones.

Event FTP Hosting & Management

We provide hosting and management services for the massive data generated by presentations, videos, polls, and other event content. We transfer files via File Transfer Protocol into a secure storage area. We maintain consistent security by using a system that enables encryption, user authentication, and access only with permission.

Augmented & Virtual Reality Experiences

AR and VR technologies give your attendees a surprising escape from the ordinary. It’s high-tech gamification that places them inside a playful, immersive, 3D experience. Wearable devices transform participants into what looks and feels like a memorable, real-life adventure. Our tech team sets up and manages the AR/VR system that enables this exciting technology at your venue.