Communication Strategy

When you’re in control of a captive audience, you don’t want to leave communication to chance. Your event will share a message whether you choose it or not. You can let attendees guess what you’re trying to say or communicate purposefully with specific goals in mind.

A clear communication strategy sets the stage for you to tell your story. It becomes your playbook for sharing new ideas, cultivating loyalty, and encouraging audience engagement.

Focusing On Your Message

At Media Direct Productions, we focus on messaging throughout the event planning and production process. When you know what you want to say, we convey your message boldly with creative displays, content, activities, and presentations. If you have only a bare-bones idea, we find the right context and narrow the focus. We help you incorporate a definitive message across multiple points of contact.

Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is a weighty expectation. You can make it happen but only with a push in the right direction. Even when it appears spontaneous, it’s usually a result of a well-executed plan. We help you escalate attendee engagement by creating an exciting, inviting environment and refining your message to fit your audience.

Speech Coaching

When your presenter takes the stage, you don’t want to see them crash and burn. You prefer that they inspire, empower, and inform your audience. That doesn’t happen unless they’re comfortable, confident, and well-prepared. If you need certainty that your speaker can meet these expectations, our speech coaches can help.

Our coaches have worked with actors, professionals, and novices. We provide strategies that help them relax, move gracefully, and speak confidently. We can do the same for your presenter.

Presentation Management

We maintain a reliable presence during your event. Experienced professionals oversee content, graphics, videos, digital displays, entertainment, and other key elements. We consult with presenters to ensure they’re comfortable with their content delivery. A skilled team manages the logistics that keep everything timely and ensure that even the smallest detail syncs according to plan.

Pre and Post-Event Communication

Event communication begins with pre-event promotions and continues through post-event follow-up. Your communication goals influence whether you connect via snail mail, evites, media promos, on-site surveys, geofencing, or online feedback. Messaging choices set the tone for your event and create attendee expectations. We help you make sound decisions about your pre and post-event communication style.